urodzony 23.04.2020

PL*CoonKitty Heart of Glass & Zeus Baccaracoon*CZ

PL*CoonKitty H'Abra Cadabra
PL*CoonKitty Hocus Pocus


urodzony 05.05.2017

IC. FIN*Chamberlain Dirty Dancing & PL*FluffyCoons Xanti

PL*CoonKitty Halloween Day
PL*CoonKitty Hollywood Hils
PL*CoonKitty Heart of Glass
PL*CoonKitty Hanoi Rocks
PL*CoonKitty Hypnotic Boy
PL*CoonKitty Hannibal Lecter


urodzony 23.05.2011

CH S*Laterna Magica's Indiana & SC Lancaster Sound Cozy Top*PL JW

PL*CoonKitty Havana Sunrise
PL*CoonKitty Harley Davidson
PL*CoonKitty Henry Lee
PL*CoonKitty Hugo Boss